An Old Irish fart poem

At·tá ben is' tír, ní·eiprimm a hainm, maidid eissi a deilm amal chloich a tailm. 1   at·tá H1 3 sg 'be' (cf. modern Ir tá), here with existential sense, 'there is'—ben nom sg 'woman' (cf. modern Ir bean, Gk γυνή, Eng queen)—is' = isin = i 'in' + definite article—tír neut s dat 'land, … Continue reading An Old Irish fart poem


Bagmē Blōma “Flower of the Trees”: Tolkien’s Gothic poem

J.R.R. Tolkien's adventures in language creation are well known and do not need elaboration here. But, in addition to his conlanging projects, he also composed an original 18-line poem in the Gothic language, the best-attested member of the extinct East Germanic language family. The bulk of the Gothic corpus is the Codex Argenteus, which contains … Continue reading Bagmē Blōma “Flower of the Trees”: Tolkien’s Gothic poem