Etymology: Irish fuinneog ‘window’

The Irish word fuinneog /ˈfɪnʲːoːg/ 'window (fem.)'—uinneig in Scottish Gaelic; fuinneoig in the Irish of Cois Fharraige where the dative singular has been assumed as the dictionary form for ā-stem nouns—may appear obscure in origin. However, it has a neat etymology as an old loanword from Germanic. The word is from Old Norse vindauga 'window … Continue reading Etymology: Irish fuinneog ‘window’


Дп Updдтэ foг Iгish Sрэlliпg?

Please forgive my frivolous title. For some time now I have semi-jocularly been saying that the Cyrillic alphabet (particularly its Russian incarnation), what with its innate capability of marking palatalization, would be better suited to write Irish and Scottish Gaelic than the Latin alphabet. I will look at Irish alone, although most of this has … Continue reading Дп Updдтэ foг Iгish Sрэlliпg?