The Franks Casket and Its Runic Inscriptions

The Franks Casket is an Anglo-Saxon chest from the 8th century, made out of whale’s bone. The four side panels and lid are decorated with carved images and text written in runes from the Old English fuþorc. Front Panel Left Panel Rear Panel Lid (coming soon) Right Panel (coming soon)


Franks Casket (Rear Panel)

Go to Intro The rear panel of the Franks Casket depicts the Siege of Jerusalem of 70 CE, when the future Emperor Titus sacked the city of Jerusalem and famously destroyed the Second Temple. The Jews who inhabited the city are put to flight by the Roman forces. Left ᚻᛖᚱᚠᛖᚷᛏᚪᚦ herfegtaþ Top ᛏᛁᛏᚢᛋᛖᚾᛞᚷᛁᚢᚦᛖᚪᛋᚢ    HICFUGIANTHIEᚱUᚴALIM titusendgiuþeasu    … Continue reading Franks Casket (Rear Panel)

Franks Casket (Left Panel)

Go to Intro The left panel of the Franks Casket depicts, among other figures, a wolf lying on her back suckling the legendary twins Romulus and Remus who would later found Rome. Top ᚱᚩᛗᚹᚪᛚᚢᛋᚪᚾᛞᚱᛖᚢᛗᚹᚪᛚᚢᛋᛏᚹᛟᚷᛖᚾ romwalusandreumwalustwœgen Right ᚷᛁᛒᚱᚩᚦᚫᚱ gibroþær Bottom ᚪᚠᛟᛞᛞᚫᚻᛁᚫᚹᚣᛚᛁᚠᛁᚾᚱᚩᛗᚫᚳᚫᛋᛏᚱᛁ afœddæhiæwylifinromæcæstri Left ᚩᚦᛚᚫᚢᚾᚾᛖᚷ oþlæunneg The text of the left panel amounts to a short description … Continue reading Franks Casket (Left Panel)