The Old High German Muspilli

The incomplete Old High German epic poem that has become known as the Muspilli represents a Germanic interpretation of the Final Judgement as a battle for souls between heavenly and infernal powers and an ultimate burning up of this world—a Christian Ragnarök. The 100 surviving lines of the poem exhibit the linguistic features of a … Continue reading The Old High German Muspilli


Muspilli Part VII (91-105)

Go to Part VI so dar manno nohhein    uuiht pimidan ni mak, dar scal denne hant sprehhan,    houpit sagen, allero lido uuelihc    unzi in den luzigun uinger, uuaz er untar desen mannun    mordes kifrumita. dar ni ist eo so listic man    der dar iouuiht arliugan megi, 95 daz er kitarnan megi    tato dehheina, niz al … Continue reading Muspilli Part VII (91-105)