An Old Irish fart poem

At·tá ben is’ tír,
·eiprimm a hainm,
maidid eissi a deilm
amal chloich a tailm.

1   at· H1 3 sg ‘be’ (cf. modern Ir ), here with existential sense, ‘there is’—ben nom sg ‘woman’ (cf. modern Ir bean, Gk γυνή, Eng queen)—is’ = isin = i ‘in’ + definite article—tír neut s dat ‘land, country’

2   ·eiprimm S1a as·beir 1 sg pres ‘say’ with negating preverb aH ‘her’—ainm neut n ‘name’ (cf. Gk ὄνομα, Lat nōmen)

3   maidid S2 3 sg pres ‘break (intrans.)’—eissi infl prep aH ‘out of (+ dat.)’ inflected for third-person singular feminine—deilm neut n ‘loud noise, fart’; a deilm is the subject of maidid

4   amalL ‘like (+ acc.)’—cloich cloch fem ā acc ‘stone’—aH prep ‘out of (+ dat.)’—tailm dat ‘sling’

There’s a woman in the land,
I won’t say her name,
her fart breaks forth from her
like a stone from a sling.


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